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Ok want your own mechwarriors? Here's the steps.

Video Tutorial

  1. Create a PNG file 512x512 pixels save it out and put it in someplace you'll be able to link to it in a moment (i'm using mods\<mymodname>\mwportrates\ as it's similar to the existing).
    1. An example is to the right --> this is the correct size/format (.png)
    2. This is done as per the info in Mod Distribution
  2. Go to \StreamingAssets\mods\<mymodname>\pilot and copy one of the existing pilot_kbeta_name.json files (from the SteamingAssets\data\pilots folder) to that directory then rename it to something like.. oh pilot_pkell.json
  3. Edit it and change the name etc to what you want in this case for this test i did this:
     "Description" : { 
     "Id" : "pilot_pkell", 
     "Name" : "Wolf", 
     "Details" : "P Kell test mechwarrior", 
     "FirstName" : "Phelen", 
     "LastName" : "Kell", 
     "Icon" : "Kell" 
     "PilotTags" : { 
     "items" : [ 
     "tagSetSourceFile" : "" 
     "BaseGunnery" : 6, 
     "BasePiloting" : 3, 
     "BaseGuts" : 8, 
     "BaseTactics" : 5, 
     "Injuries" : 0, 
     "Voice" : "m_rizzo01", 
     "AbilityDefNames" : 

Now take note of this line here:
"Icon" : "Kell"
you want to remember what you called that your going to need it for getting that image we made in 1 to work.
  1. In the versionmanifest.csv file we want to add 2 lines. (This is an existing file see the link)

What this is doing is

  • Kell,Sprite,mods/<mymodname>/mwportrates/kell.png,0,2017-05-17T08:26:05.0000000Z,2017-05-17T08:26:05.0000000Z,,,0
    • this tells the game we want a new sprite with a global asset call of 'Kell' and gives it the location.. the lack of a bundle means that it looks for it in the actual folder we have given. in my case the assets/ui/mw folder i made in the data folder. if you want you can update the time stamps to match the time you did the entry.
  • pilot_pkell,mods/<mymodname>/pilot/pilot_pkell.json,0,2017-05-17T08:26:05.0000000Z,2017-05-17T08:26:05.0000000Z,,,0
    • This tells the game to look for the pilot and load him in. No DB mods needed. No asset bundles editing etc. just photoshop/paint and a text editor.
    • In the future you WILL need to add him to the database if you want him able to be used by the AI for campaign missions etc.