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AS7-D wiki.png
Short Title: AS7
Weight Class: Assault
Tonnage: 100 tons
Variants: 1
Cost Range: 11.7 Mil
Sarna Info: Atlas

The heaviest and most well armored 'Mech in existence, the 100t Atlas is feared and respected by every combatant on the field. It's near maximum armor and massive array of weaponry more than make up for its slow top speed. Used as an anchor the Lance establishes itself around, it lays down fire while it takes the brunt of the assault. The legendary intimidating design and shorter ranged loadout in the base model ensure enemy troops attempt to bring it down at range. This only serves to let the Atlas protect its lancemates as they move in to position. Due to the amount of fire the Atlas attracts, most pilots choose to develop defensive skills such as Bulwark to achieve battlefield longevity unmatched by any other 'Mech.

Available Models

AS7-D (Base Model)

The AS7-D sets the standard for all Assault 'Mechs. Carrying the largest Autocannon, largest Long and Short ranged missile launchers and four Medium Lasers, the 'Mech is able to engage at all ranges with respectable firepower. Built for closer engagements, the AC/20 and SRM-6 provide suitable instability, backed up by the two CT Medium Lasers and one in each arm. The dual CT Medium Lasers allow the AS7-D to keep fighting to the bitter end, even after both side torsos are destroyed.

Role: Tank/Brawler

Cost: 11.7Mil Cbills

Hardpoints: A x2, B x2, E x4, M x2

Weapons: AC/20 x1, Medium Laser x4, SRM-6 x1, LRM-20 x1

Modding Information

Hardpoint File: hardpointdatadef_atlas.json

Asset Bundle File: chrPrfMech_atlasBase-001