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Short Title: MEK
Weight Class: Medium
Tonnage: 50 tons
Variants: 2
Cost Range: 4.8-5.0 Mil
Sarna Info: Atlas

The ExampleMech is a showcase 'Mech built to display various features for the purpose of the wiki style guide. It's combat history is nil and its weapons and equipment nothing to write home about. If it was fielded, it would probably be used as a workhorse Medium like the Centurion it closely resembles.

[Short paragraph about what it is known for and how it is used. Infobox shows the information that is the same regardless of variant. With how HBS BT works, that's not much. An image of the base variant, Weight Class, Tonnage, number of stock variants in game and the cost range from cheapest to most expensive variant. A link to the 'Mech's page is also inserted to cover the lore stuff.

Infobox Mech guide: Template:Infobox Mech]

Available Models

MEK-1A (Base Model) [Click for Variant Style Guide Page]

Completely average, the MEK-1A ExampleMech doesn't do anything special. [Single line descriptor here, keep it short. Variant page has the meaty info.]

Role: Brawler/Vanguard [Roles would be pulled from unit tags in the mechdef files using the two most appropriate tags]

Cost: 4.8Mil Cbills [Pricing for fully loaded, new stock 'Mech]

Hardpoints: A x1, B x1, E x1, M x1 [Simple alphabetical listing of type and number of hardpoints, leave locations for variant page]

Weapons: AC/10 x1, Medium Laser x1, LRM-10 x1, Machine Gun x1 [List weapons in order from top>bottom in combat game selector]


Also completely average, the MEK-2B ExampleMech mounts double the Energy Hardpoints from the 1A and a total of four Antipersonnel Hardpoints for added impact during melee attacks. [Describe how other variants are different from base model]

Role: Brawler/Vanguard

Cost: 5Mil Cbills

Hardpoints: A x4, B x1, E x2, M x1

Weapons: AC/10 x1, Medium Laser x1, LRM-10 x1, Machine Gun x4

Modding Information

[Note only the hardpointdatadef and assets are linked here. The mechdef, chassisdef and movedef files can be unique to each variant and are left to the variants page.]

Hardpoint File: hardpointdatadef_examplemech.json

Asset Bundle File: chrPrfMech_examplemechBase-001