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I hate the pictures and voices of my stock characters so I decided to figure out which codes match which preset mesh and map them so I could easily switch them around. I have not tried this with a save game but I expect it not to work there, only with new games. Go through the character creation guide and find a setting for each character you want to change, then look for the corresponding number and descriptor on the list, then go to the portrait file and switch that code. Note that as with most of the numbered files that correlate to something in the game, the lists start at "0", not "1". If you insert a number higher than one of the numbers listed, the character portrait will be a white square in the Barracks. Simply go back and compare that character's numbers to the list of codes and find the one that is too high, then switch it to a number in the proper range. You will have to start a new game if you make this mistake, so edit carefully!


Using a text editor (I use notepad++) open the .JSON file for the character you want to edit and use these codes to modify your starting pilots. I have not messed with the head meshes, or tattoos, or makeup because they are a bit more complex and I only wanted my characters to be a bit different, not drastically different.


0 Bald 1 Swept-back, long 2 High and tight 3 Mop, shaved sides 4 Swept back, short, shaved sides 5 Balding 6 Swept back, short 7 Ponytail, parted 8 Curly Mop 9 Emo 10 Long Hair, part 11 Mowhawk 12 Southern Swoop 13 Ponytail, Bangs 14 Ponytail, pulled back 15 Peacock tail 16 Stockbroker 17 #3 Buzzcut

HAIR ROOTS AND HAIR TIPS (Both need to be set just as you do when creating your campaign character.) 1 Black 2 Gray, Light 3 Brown, Dark 4 Brown, Light 5 Brown, Med 6 Blue 7 Purple 8 Charcoal, Light 9 Charcoal, Dark 10 Red, Light 11 Red, Dark 12 Gray, Dark

EYES 0 blue 1 green, dark 2 brown, light 3 green, light 4 brown, dark 5 brown, med 6 brown, med 7 gray

SCAR 0 none 1 Right Eye, 2 Horizontal 2 Nose 3 Left Cheek, Nose to Temple 4 Left, Under Eye 5 Mouth 6 Left, Nose to Cheek 7 Right, Cheek 8 Left, 2 Horizontal Under Eye 9 Left Forehead to Right Cheek 10 Right, Cheek Under Nose to Left Cheek 11 Left, 2 Lines Nose to Cheek 12 Vertical Nose to Chin 13 Forehead 14 Left, Cheek to Mouth 15 Left, Small Nose

EYEBROWS 0 Triangle 1 Mild 2 Thick 3 Arch 4 Chunky 5 Wide

FACIAL HAIR 0 None 1 Van Dyke 2 Pancho Villa 3 Goatee 4 Full beard 5 Long and thick 6 Buzz Cut, Goatee 7 Buzz Cut, Full beard

CLOTHING 0 Armor, Gray 1 Armor, Green 2 Armor, Red 3 Armor, Yellow 4 Mech Pilot, Grey 5 Mech Pilot, Green 6 Mech Pilot, Blue 7 Mech Pilot, Black 8 Collar, Yellow 9 Collar, Green 10 Collar, Purple 11 Collar, Red

COMPLEXION 0 Smooth 1 Shadowed, Light 2 Rough 3 Shadowed, Heavy 4 Smooth, Moles 5 Wrinkled

LIPS 0 Normal 1 Brown, Medium 2 Brown, Light 3 Blue 4 Pink 5 Purple 6 Brown, Dark 7 Red, Light 8 Green 9 Red, Dark 10 Rose 11 Turquoise 12 Red Medium

SKIN 0 Yellow, Light 1 Pink, Light 2 Olive, Light 3 Yellow, Dark 4 Brown, Medium 5 Brown, Light 6 Brown, Dark 7 Bluish, Light

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