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The Boring Legal bit

We all hate it but saddly this part needs to exist if only to protect people from other silly people. So lets get started shall we?

The following is a legal notice between BTModdingWiki and any end user, by using this website you are agreeing to the following fully and with out modification.

  1. That BTModdingwiki, Robert Graham and any other person whom has worked on this website (here on referred to as 'We') understands fully that they do not own any of the data that is displayed, stored etc here. This Data is collected solely for public use and as we believe the ruling by HarebrainedSchemes allows based on:
    1. Their Kickstarter Backerupdate comments.
    2. Their various video comments
    3. Their forum responses.
  2. We do not claim any ownership to any of the Copyright/Trademarked names and or materials, these belong to Harebrained Schemes, Tops etc their uses on this wiki are for non-profit community modding only.
  3. We are not responsible for any damages, mishaps, loss of computer function, breaking of the game, etc etc that may occur to you, your computer or anything else from
    1. Any use of tools that are shared on this website
    2. Any adjustments to data that you carry out based on information on this website
    3. Any other thing that may happen by following information/tutorials given on this website
  4. In general YOU agree that WE are not legally responsibile for any repercussions that may arise from your use of this website.
  5. That if you reuse/reshare information from this website you at least acknowledge that you have.

All in all we don't think there that hard. Generally it's you are using everything here by your own risk, we don't own any of the data and we operate under the Public Domain Creative Commons licenses.


BTmoddingwiki staff.