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CN9-A wiki.png
Short Title: CN9
Weight Class: Medium
Tonnage: 50 tons
Variants: 2
Cost Range: 4.7-5.2 Mil
Sarna Info: Centurion

The Centurion is a trooper, a front line Medium 'Mech to be accompanied by Trebuchets for indirect fire. It's a common sight in the Federated Suns with its powerful AC/10 in the standard CN9-A configuration. MechCommanders can use a CN9 to shore up any role their Lance is lacking, carrying long and short ranged weapons with a greater payload mass than faster 55t designs. MechWarrior's will favor showing the relatively empty left side to the enemy utilizing the "shield arm" to soak up incoming hits.

Available Models

CN9-A (Base Model)

The standard CN9-A carries the AC/10 in the right arm, one LRM-10 on the left torso and a pair of Medium Lasers in the center for enduring firepower, even when both side torsos have been destroyed.

Role: Brawler/Tank

Cost: 4.7Mil Cbills

Hardpoints: A x1, B x1, E x2, M x3

Weapons: AC/10 x1, Medium Laser x2, LRM-10 x1


The CN9-AL adds the maximum amount of armor the chassis can carry and trades the AC/10 for a Large Laser paired with a Small along side 6 extra Heat Sinks.

Role: Brawler/Tank

Cost: 5.2Mil Cbills

Hardpoints: A x1, B x0, E x3, M x1

Weapons: Large Laser x1, Medium Laser x2, Small Laser x1, LRM-10 x1

Modding Information

Hardpoint File: hardpointdatadef_centurion.json

Asset Bundle File: chrPrfMech_centurionBase-001