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This page is started to describe how to creat an example scenario. The aim here is to demonstrate which gaps exist in modding knowledge and what game designs for scenarios are good and useful. As there is a lack of tools this page is mostly a list of tools missing to create a new scenario and suggestion on what contents needs to be added to create a new campaign/scenario.

Game Design

The basic game design of battle in Battletech is heavily based on RNG (Random Number Generators), because of this high difficult scenarios that are unforgiving don't create good scenarios. Games in this style are for instance darksoul. However there are a lot of games based on a lot of RNG that use skill (Magic the Gathering, Mahjong etc). Generally speaking any scenario needs to be forgiving to failure as they happen randomly. Very basic scenario design is to have a single track of sucessive missions that get progressive harder that have to be cleared to finish the game and a lot optional random battles that exist to improve the unit with money, mechwarriors, equipment and mechs. Because the battletch game is slow a battle is roughly 30 minutes and a scenario of 10 hours is roughly 20 battles with for instance 10 mandatory missions and 10 optional played missions. Players with less understandings of the game will have to play more optional missions while expert can play fewer optional missions.

For some reason Hair Brained Studio has a very poor Game design of the offical campaign.

For in depth knwoledge of game design try you tube or google for famous game designers such as Sid Meyer, Jonathan Blow?, Richard Garfield, etc...


In the example scenario will implement the link ronin war. It is a tradional setting of freedom fighters against the enemy. In this case FRR against Draconis Combine. Ideally the scenario should contain a few unique pilots that are freedom fighters against the Ronins. Each of this player should be archetypical of the factions and the time, for instance 4 or more unique players with 3 male FRR pilots of which one is female and one Kurita pilot. Obviously these are supposed to follow battletch lore closely. The ronin war start in 3034, this means that the Grand Dragon is unavailable to most Draconis pilots as it enters production in after 3040 and starts life as DRG-G.


Order Type Enemy Loot Comment
1 Scenario Vehicles 1-4 None
2 Scenario Vehicles 1-4

1-2 Panther Mech

3 Scenario 4-6 Panther Mechs None
4 Scenario 3-5 Jenner Mechs None
5 Scenario 3-4 Panther Mechs

2-3 Jenner Mechs

6 Scenario 1 Dragon 3 Jenner Mechs None
7 Scenario 1 Dragon 1-3 Jenner Mechs 1-3 Panther Mechs None The Dragon pilot might be queer here to reference the odd Japanese sexual customs
8 Scenario 3-4 Dragons 1 Grand Dragon None
9 Scenario 1 Assault 3 Grand Dragons None
10 Scenario 6-9 Grand Dragons None Needs to be difficult
* Milk Run Vehicles 1-4 Money and some loot To allow training pilots and recove from bad RNGgeses
* Resource Vehicles 1-4, 1-4 Light Mechs 50% to get one light mech
* Resource Vehicles 1-4, 1-4 Locust 75% to get one light Mech For those who dislike RNG
* Resource Vehicles 0-4, 0-2 Light Mechs, 3-5 Medium Mechs 50% to get one medium mech 10 of these needed to gather sufficent resources to bet the scenario on average
* Resource 4 Bad Medium Mechs 75% to get a bad medium mech For those who dislike RNG
* Resource Vehicles 0-4,0-2 Light Mechs, 3-5 Heavy Mechs 50% to get one heavy mech For those who find the scenario missions too difficult
* Resource Vehicles 0-4,3-5 Light Mechs, 2-3 Assault Mechs 50% to get one Assault mech For those who find the scenario missions too dificult
* Resource Vehicles 0-4, 0-4 Light Mechs, 0-5 Medium Mechs, 0-3 Heavy Mechs, 0-2 Assault Mechs 10% to get a mech of any class For those who believe in the RNG
* Resoruce Vehicles 0-10, 0-10 Light Mechs, 0-20 Medium Mechs, 0-4 Heavy Mechs, 0-3 Assault Mechs 5% to get a legendary assault mech For the true believer in RNG
* Resource 3-5 Heavy Mechs Gain cash equivalent to Panther For people who like to buy mechs

Above table of a possible mission setup for the example scenario. Here the player of decent skill is supposed to solve the scenario using medium mechs. The different optional missions can be played in any order and exist to to give players strategic options. Scenario missions need to be cleared in order which gives a player about 11 different missions to select.

There is no known method to create missions at the moment or how loot works in scenarios.


No tool exists to distribute this example, see Mod Distribution.


There exists information on changing the names and abilties of pilots to more Scandinavian and Draconis pilots .


Most of the mechs in this scenario already exist in the game, however as the the Draconis Combine has very few mechs it can be useful to add new mechs see Add Mechs. See Add Grand Dragon to add the Grand Dragon mech.


The crew of the jumpship cannot be edited.


The physics is too slow, losing mission penalties are too stiff, and probably view distance is too short. In short physics in the game is currently bad but this is not critical issue for making a new scenario. Some of this issues have can be solved by modding mechs, pilots and weapons.


There is probably little reason to change weapons in this scenario, but where reason exist it can be achived see Weapons and Equipment