Existing Weapons and Equipment

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Filename (.json) Friendly Name Game Name Description Cost
HeatSink_Template HeatSink Template NA Template for Heat Sinks
HeatSink_Basic Single Heat Sink HeatSink_Basic A standard Inner Sphere Heat Sink 2000
HeatSink_Double Double heat Sink HeatSink_Double An advanced Lostech Heat Sink 2000

Jump Jets

Filename (.json) Friendly Name Game Name Description Cost
Jumpjet_Template Template
Jumpjet_Basic Jumpjet - Basic Jumpjet_Basic
Jumpjet_Heavy Jumpjet -Heavy Jumpjet_Heavy
Jumpjet_Assault Jumpjet - Assault Jumpjet_Assault



Filename (.json) Friendly Name Game Name Description Cost
Weapon_AC2 AC/2 Weapon_AC2 GM Javelin 79500
Weapon_AC2_Defiance_1 Defiance T-2 AC/2 Weapon_AC2_Defiance_1 Defiance T-2 104500
Weapon_AC2_Defiance_2 Defiance RK-2 AC/2 Weapon_AC2_Defiance_2 Defiance RK-2 129500
Weapon_AC2_Defiance_3 Defiance Equalizer AC/2 Weapon_AC2_Defiance_3 Defiance Equalizer 154500
Weapon_AC2_Defiance_4 Defiance Zeta-2 AC/2 Weapon_AC2_Defiance_4 Defiance Zeta-2 179000
Weapon_AC2_Defiance_5 Defiance Avenger AC/2 Weapon_AC2_Defiance_5 Defiance Avenger 204000
Weapon_AC2_Federated_1 Federated Zephyr AC/2 Weapon_AC2_Federated_1 Federated Zephyr 88000
Weapon_AC2_Federated_2 Federated Caju AC/2 Weapon_AC2_Federated_2 Federated Caju 96500
Weapon_AC2_Federated_3 Federated Mistral AC/2 Weapon_AC2_Federated_3 Federated Mistral 104500
Weapon_AC2_Federated_4 Federated Boreas AC/2 Weapon_AC2_Federated_4 Federated Boreas 113000
Weapon_AC2_Federated_5 Federated Sirocco AC/2 Weapon_AC2_Federated_5 Federated Sirocco 121500
Weapon_AC2_Imperator_1 Imperator B-2 AC/2 Weapon_AC2_Imperator_1 Imperator B-2 89000