Having more 'Expensive' Mechs then the 25mil limit on lances

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At the moment there seems to be a hard coded limit on the 25mil lance selection, this means that if you create a lance def etc that is over this limit in terms of total mech cost it will not show up and you can't use it.

But a lot of us still want to be able to run 'Heavier' lances right? So how do we get around it?

Well there is a simple means to do so though it requires a little bit of editing on your part.

  1. in your StreamingAssets/data folder you have another folder called Mech.
  2. in this folder is a bunch of .json files that define the mech's we want to edit these and adjust 1 line on each.
    • "Cost": 11400000,
  3. What we want to do is simply remove the last digit on EVERY mech. so  
    • "Cost": 11400000,
      • becomes
    • "Cost": 1140000,
  4. This way you are keeping the 'relative' values of the mechs in tact you can still see at a glance the price etc..

Hopefully HBS either opens up a list we can make ourselves for the weight limits or increases it in the future!.