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To try and help people with hosting their Mods, Registered users may choose to upload a .zip file to the wiki and link it here, Instructions on how to do so can be found here

There are some simple rules that apply however:

  1. Mods must be under 100mb in size.
  2. Mods must not violate Fair Use/Copyright laws.
  3. The Wiki owner reserves the right to remove any mod if it is causing issues for the wiki.
  4. Mods must follow the conventions in Mod Distribution

Hosted Modifications

Mod Name Mod Author Description File Link Mod Version Game Version
Robs Battletech Modding Example Rob "Starfleet" Graham A sample mod with 1 pilot + pilot image and 2 lance def's. 1.0 Beta 1: 0.5.0
Grand Dragon Pack Youngblood Example mod distribution of the Grand Dragon mech using installer (see Mod Distribution ) 1.0 1.0 +