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To set up a 'new' page you need to create a blank page link you can do this in the wiki editor either the new visual editor or the old style one.

in the new visual editor simply highlight the text you wish click the click and hit ok and it will create a new link.

in the "older" source method [[ name ]] will create the link.

You then can save the page, click on the new link and it will make the new page for you.

When you are making new pages I ask that you include this at the top and bottom of the page

{{Nav}} - in the Edit Source

Or Insert - Template Nav it will add the following

Wiki Quick Nav: File Formats | Other Tweaks and Adjustments | Tools and Scripts | Troubleshooting | Style Guide

This allows us to have quick movement.

Finally you can add the page into categories as well.In the WYSIWYG editor this is the three lines - Categories.