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Short Title: LCT
Weight Class: Light
Tonnage: 20 tons
Variants: 4
Cost Range: 1.8-2.0 Mil
Sarna Info:

The Locust is one of the most common BattleMechs in existence having been produced since it was introduced by Bergan Industries in 2499. Built exclusively for reconnaissance and scout duties the design uses a 160 rated LTV Fusion Engine to attain speeds up to 129km/h. This phenomenal speed means that the Locust can outrun most enemy targets and in the few cases where the unit can not the light array of weapons the mech carries give it the ability to defend itself.

Available Models


Fast and Lightly armed, the LCT-1V was introduced in 2499 and is a common sight across the Inner Sphere and Periphery States, a recon mech it carries a minimum loadout and has an abundance of speed that not even the Jenner can match. The LCT-1V carries 2 Machine Guns and a Medium Laser.

Tonnage: 20

Class: Light

Role: Scout/Recon

Cost: 1,388,242Cbills

Modding Information

hardpointdef File:  hardpointdatadef_locust.json

Asset Bundle File: chrPrfMech_locustBase-001