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AS7-D wiki.png
Cost C-bills: 4,800,000
Weight Class: Medium
Tonnage: 50 tons
Empty Tonnage: 31.5 tons
Walk: 120 m
Sprint: 210 m
Melee: 80 Dmg
DFA: 65 Dmg
A x1, B x1
E x1, M x1
Armor: 10/10.5 tons
Jump Jets: 4
Heat Sinks: 12
AC/10 x1,
Medium Laser x1,
LRM-10 x1,
Machine Gun x1
Special: -

The MEK-1A ExampleMech features a well rounded loadout of an AC/10, Medium Laser, LRM-10 and Machine Gun in addition to four Jump Jets. The 1A is able to engage enemy 'Mechs at all ranges, but lacks focus. The near maximum 10 tons of armor and the ability to jump give the 1A the freedom to move out of an enemies optimum range should it find itself ambushed. The the ammo for all three weapons are stored in the Left Torso, which allows pilots to present their right side to prevent an ammo explosion at the cost of the Right Arm mounted LRM-10. A common field modification is to downgrade the AC/10 to the AC/5 and swap the Medium for a Large Laser, this gives the A1 a greater long ranged focus.

[Page for MEK-1A from BattleMech example, "MEK-1A" would be page title. Write a descriptive paragraph about what this mech can do with its stock loadout. Towards the end, a small blurb about how the design might be customized (move CT ammo for example) by players to make the 'Mech a bit better. The first appearance of a linkable item like Medium Laser or Heat Sinks are linked.

Infobox MechVariant guide: Template:Infobox MechVariant]

Weapons, Equipment and Hardpoint Table

[This section displays the internal components in the same order they are slotted in the stock design. Any extra slots on the table will be greyed out, like the head here with slots 2 and greater, currently each location has this many usable slots: H x1, CT x4, LT/RT x10, LA/RA x8, LL/RL 4x. These numbers differ from TT spaces so be sure to double check. Weapons are color coded by type, White for Antipersonnel, Yellow for Ballistic, Red for Energy and Green for Missile Weapons. The total number of each type of hardpoint in a location is listed under the location name, in alphabetical order.]

Head Right Arm Right Leg Right Torso Center Torso Left Torso Leg Leg Left Arm
Antipersonnel x1 Missile x1 - - Energy x1 - - Ballistic x1
Machine Gun LRM-10 Jump Jet, Basic Jump Jet, Basic Medium Laser Jump Jet, Basic Jump Jet, Basic AC/10
- Heat Sink AC/10 Ammo Heat Sink
- LRM Ammo
- MG ammo

[Note the greyed out cells under the Head location. These are for invalid slots that have cells in the table. The head row invalids are not merged, but each has this format:

"| style="background-color:#aaaaaa; color: #aaaaaa" | -" This is so fully blank rows won't collapse and ruin the table with large merged items like the AC/20 or LRM-20. The invalid slots on the legs, arms and CT can be merged and just made background grey as the Head column sets the spacing with an invisible "-" for the whole row.

Max Slots/Location:

Head = 1, CT = 4, LT/RT = 10, LA/RA = 8, LL/RL = 4]

Armor and Internal Structure

The ExampleMech has a well rounded armor distribution thanks mounting 10tons worth, nearly the maximum amount the chassis can hold.

[Short blurb on armor layout, ie. HBK has weak back armor, but great total amount or the JM6-S has very poorly protected arms. The total stock armor listed in tons and the point value (80pts/ton) is added up and compared to the total chassis maximum. As most of the 'Mech's armor location are duplicates, this table doesn't need to display each location as no stock design mounts uneven armor at this time, or maybe ever. If uneven armor becomes the case for a special unit, the table would be expanded and it would be noted on that units page. The total Internal Structure is also listed.]

ARMOR ALLOCATION: 10t 800/840pts
Location Front/Rear Int. Str.
Head 45 16
Center Torso 120/35 80
Side Torsos 95/25 60
Arms 70 40
Legs 110 60

Modding Information

mechdef File: mechdef_examplemech_MEK-1A.json

chassisdef File: chassisdef_examplemech_MEK-1A.json

movedef File: movedef_examplemech_MEK-1A.json