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Short Title: {{{ShortTitle}}}
Weight Class: {{{WeightClass}}}
Tonnage: {{{Tonnage}}} tons
Variants: {{{TotalVar}}}
Cost Range: {{{CostRange}}} Mil
Sarna Info: {{{SarnaLink}}}
This is the infobox in the upper left corner of every 'Mechs page.  
MechName: Full name of 'Mech without Short Title (chassisdef)
File: Uploaded picture of 'Mech.  Preferred - Blue sky background with no terrain, up close and cropped around the 'Mechs widest points.  Use this formatting:
      [[File:AS7-D wiki.png|border|center|frameless|256x256px]]
ShortTitle: The prefix part of the 'Mechs model.  Atlas "AS7-D" becomes "AS7" here.
WeightClass: Light/Medium/Heavy/Assault (chassisdef)
             [[:Category:Light 'Mechs|Light]]
             [[:Category:Medium 'Mechs|Medium]]
             [[:Category:Heavy 'Mechs|Heavy]]
             [[:Category:Assault 'Mechs|Assault]]
Tonnage: Total maximum tonnage of chassis (chassisdef)
TotalVar: Total variants available
CostRange: Abbreviated amount in x.y million C-Bills, template will add "Mil" for you at the end.
SarnaLink:  A link to the 'Mech's page at Sarna.net.  We don't need to become the next Sarna, so leave a lot of the lore stuff to them and concentrate on game info.

{{Infobox Mech
| MechName = ExampleMech
| File = [[File:AS7-D wiki.png|border|center|frameless|256x256px]]
| ShortTitle = MEK
| WeightClass = [[:Category:Medium 'Mechs|Medium]]
| Tonnage = 50
| TotalVar = 2
| CostRange = 4.8-5.0
| SarnaLink = [http://www.sarna.net/wiki/Atlas_(BattleMech) Atlas]