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Cost C-bills: {{{Cost}}}
Weight Class: {{{WeightClass}}}
Tonnage: {{{Tonnage}}} tons
Empty Tonnage: {{{TonnageEmpty}}} tons
Walk: {{{WalkSpeed}}} m
Sprint: {{{SprintSpeed}}} m
Melee: {{{MeleeDmg}}} Dmg
DFA: {{{DFADmg}}} Dmg
Armor: {{{StockArmor}}} tons
Jump Jets: {{{StockJets}}}
Heat Sinks: {{{StockHeatSinks}}}
Special: {{{StockSpecial}}}
This is the infobox for 'Mech Variants.  HBS's file system puts most of the critical 'Mech attributes within each set variant files.  The infobox categories are as follows:

MechName: Full name of 'Mech without Short Title (chassisdef)
File: Uploaded picture of 'Mech.  Preferred - Blue sky background with no terrain, up close and cropped around the 'Mechs widest points.  Use this formatting:
      [[File:AS7-D wiki.png|border|center|frameless|256x256px]]
Cost: Exact C-Bill cost of unit in stock game (mechdef)
WeightClass: Light/Medium/Heavy/Assault (chassisdef)
             [[:Category:Light 'Mechs|Light]]
             [[:Category:Medium 'Mechs|Medium]]
             [[:Category:Heavy 'Mechs|Heavy]]
             [[:Category:Assault 'Mechs|Assault]]
Tonnage: Total maximum tonnage of chassis (chassisdef)
TonnageEmpty: Chassis without armor or any internal components.  As light as it is possible to make it. (chassisdef)
WalkSpeed: As movement units generally translate in to meters, one movement dot is roughly 25-30m. (movedef)
SprintSpeed: Same as above. (movedef)
MeleeDmg: Melee damage (chassisdef)
DFADmg: DFA damage, template will add "[x2]" (chassisdef)
Hardpoints: Must be formatted as example below.  This could probably be templated but I don't know how.  If unit contains zero of any hardpoint, remove entry and manually adjust.  Keep alphabetacal order, and the "<br>" before the 3rd hardpoint if any. (chassisdef)
           "[[:Category:Antipersonnel Weapons|A]] x1, [[:Category:Ballistic Weapons|B]] x1<br> [[:Category:Energy Weapons|E]] x1, [[:Category:Missile Weapons|M]] x1"
StockArmor: Total tons of armor on stock 'Mech out of max allowed by chassis. 80pts/ton (mechdef/chassisdef)
StockJets: Total Jump Jets.  "-" if none. (mechdef)
StockHeatSinks: Total Heat Sinks, including 10 base engine Sinks. (mechdef)
StockWeapons: List weapons in order from top to bottom as they appear in combat game selection.  One comma and line break ",<br>" after each entry (Medium Laser,<br>), condense any multiple weapons (Medium Laser x3,<br>) and link all weapons to related wiki page. "[[Medium Laser]] x3,<br>" is a fully qualified weapons entry.  Final weapon doesn't need the comma.  This could also be templated but I don't know how. Please help. (mechdef)
StockSpecial: For AMS or other unique equipment. "-" if none. (mechdef)


{{Infobox MechVariant
| MechName= ExampleMech
| File = [[File:AS7-D wiki.png|border|center|frameless|256x256px]]
| Cost = 4,800,000
| WeightClass = [[:Category:Medium 'Mechs|Medium]]
| Tonnage = 50
| TonnageEmpty = 31.5
| WalkSpeed = 120
| SprintSpeed = 210
| MeleeDmg = 80
| DFADmg = 65
| Hardpoints = [[:Category:Antipersonnel Weapons|A]] x1, [[:Category:Ballistic Weapons|B]] x1<br> [[:Category:Energy Weapons|E]] x1, [[:Category:Missile Weapons|M]] x1
| StockArmor = 10/10.5
| StockJets = 4
| StockHeatSinks = 12
| StockWeapons = [[AC/10]] x1,<br> [[Medium Laser]] x1,<br> [[LRM-10]] x1,<br> [[Machine Gun]] x1
| StockSpecial = -