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The VersionManifest.csv file is the core file that informs the Unity Engine what assets are to be loaded at run time and is located at BattleTech - Private Beta\BattleTech_Data\StreamingAssets\data\

If a file is not included in this it will not load.

The File is Divided into various sub sections as of release including the main 'Asset' chunk at the top followed by ConversationTexture MechLabTutorial MechLabSkirmishTutorial PlayerEmblems BackerEmblems

The file itself is a simple coma sepperated spreadsheet with the following fields

  • id, - This is the games Asset ID what is used by other files etc to identify it.
  • type, - This is the type of asset. (Sprite, Prefab, MoodSettings,UIModulePrefabs, AbilityDef, AmmunitionDef, AmmunitionBoxDef, AssetBundle, AudioConstants, BehaviorVariableScope, BuildingDef, CastDef, ChassisDef, etc etc look at the existing file for all types)
  • path, - this is the path to the asset, either in the directory or in the prefab.
  • version, - the version of the asset
  • addedOn, - when it was added to the manifest
  • updatedOn, - when it was last updated.
  • removedOn, - when it was removed (seems weird that its there)
  • assetBundleName, - If it is in an Asset Bundle then this is it's anem
  • assetBundlePersistent, - True / False
  • assetBundleCRC - The CRC checksum of the file (doesn't appaer to be used).
  • addendum - seems to be a true/false statement of some form


Assetbundle example:

id type path version addedOn updatedOn removedOn assetBundleName assetBundlePersistent assetBundleCRC Addendum
chrPrfMech_atlasBacker-SBA Prefab Assets/Resources/UnlockedAssets/Prefabs/chrPrfMech_atlasBacker-SBA.prefab 15 2018-03-06T22:48:44.0360671Z,2018-04-21T05:22:13.9060511Z 2017-03-14T20:55:07.0000000Z chrprfmech_atlasbacker-sba FALSE 4214366826 FALSe

would be:chrPrfWeap_atlas_centertorso_blank_eh1,Prefab,Assets/Character/Mechs/Prefabs/chrPrfMech_atlasBase-001.prefab,-1694,2017-05-24T11:32:28.0000000Z,2017-03-14T20:55:07.0000000Z,,chrprfmech_atlasbase-001,0

Example with a file not in the bundle

id type path version addedOn updatedOn removedOn assetBundleName assetBundlePersistent assetBundleCRC Addendum
Weapon_LRM10_Zeus_1 WeaponDef data/weapon/Weapon_LRM10_Zeus_1.json 0 2017-04-27T23:17:54.0000000Z 2017-04-27T23:17:54.0000000Z false 0 false

would be: Weapon_LRM10_Zeus_1,WeaponDef,data/weapon/Weapon_LRM10_Zeus_1.json,0,2017-04-27T23:17:54.0000000Z,2017-04-27T23:17:54.0000000Z,,,0

Please note

99.99% of your mod additions are going to use the Later form, with out a bundle.

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