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VND-1R wiki.png
Short Title: VND
Weight Class: Medium
Tonnage: 45 tons
Variants: 1
Cost Range: 4.4 Mil
Sarna Info: Vindicator

The Vindicator is a staple Medium 'Mech of the Capellan Confederation which provides them cheap, mobile, long range fire support in a Lance. Similar to the Kuritan Panther the VND's main armament is the PPC, but with an additional LRM-5 for indirect fire. Equipped with Jump Jets, the VND is able to reach high ground or leap behind cover to augment its average ground speed. The well armored legs lead more than a few VND pilots to favor Death From Above attacks once they have closed within the minimum range of their primary weapons.

Available Models

VND-1R (Base Model)

The standard VND-1R equips the PPC in the right arm, a Medium and Small Laser round out its direct fire weaponry and a single LRM-5 allows it to fire at range even if the 'Mech is too hot to use the PPC and jump.

Role: Support/Sniper

Cost: 4.8Mil Cbills

Hardpoints: A x2, B x0, E x5, M x1

Weapons: PPC x1, Medium Laser x1, Small Laser x1, LRM-5 x1

Modding Information

Hardpoint File: hardpointdatadef_vindicator.json

Asset Bundle File: chrPrfMech_vindicatorBase-001