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  "DataManager" : null,
  "Category" : "NotSet",
  "Type" : "NotSet",
  "MinRange" : 0,
  "MaxRange" : 0,
  "RangeSplit" : null,
  "AmmoCategory" : "NotSet",
  "StartingAmmoCapacity" : 0,
  "HeatGenerated" : 0,
  "Damage" : 0,
  "DamageVariance" : 0,
  "HeatDamage" : 0,
  "AccuracyModifier" : 0,
  "CriticalChanceMultiplier" : 1,
  "AOECapable" : false,
  "IndirectFireCapable" : false,
  "RefireModifier" : 0,
  "ShotsWhenFired" : 0,
  "ProjectilesPerShot" : 1,
  "AttackRecoil" : 0,
  "Instability" : 0,
  "Description" : {
     "Id" : "WeaponTemplate",
     "Name" : "",
     "Details" : "",
     "Icon" : "",
     "Cost" : 0,
     "Rarity" : 0,
     "Purchasable" : false
  "ComponentType" : "Weapon",
  "ComponentSubType" : "Weapon",
  "WeaponEffectID" : "",
  "PrefabIdentifier" : "",
  "BattleValue" : 0,
  "InventorySize" : 1,
  "Tonnage" : 1,
  "AllowedLocations" : "All",
  "DisallowedLocations" : "None"
  "CriticalComponent" : false
  • "Category":- String, The weapons Category valid are: "AMS", "AntiPersonnel", "Ballistic", "Energy", "Missile","Melee",
    • AP weapons appear to fire when you melee.
  • "Type":- String, The weapon type Valid are: "Autocannon", "AMS", "Flamer", "Laser","Gauss", "PPC", "LRM", "SRM" "MachineGun","Melee","NotSet"
  • "WeaponSubType":- String, Weapon SubType valid are: AC2, AC5,AC10,AC20,AMS, DFA,"Flamer","Gauss","LargeLaser","MediumLaser","SmallLaser"," "LRM5","LRM10","LRM15","LRM20","MachineGun","Melee","PPC","SRM2","SRM4","SRM6"
  • "MinRange": int, weapon minimum range
  • "MaxRange": int, weapon max range
  • "RangeSplit": [ s,m,l ] int array, Range split short, medium, long range.
  • "AmmoCategory":-String, what ammo to use from the Ammo Categories.
  • "StartingAmmoCapacity": int, does the weapon start with ammo already in it if so this amount.
  • "HeatGenerated": int, the heat firing generates.
  • "Damage":- int, weapon damage
  • "OverheatedDamageMultiplier":-int, if we are over heated apply this to the above
  • "DamageVariance":- int, damage may vary by this amount.
  • "HeatDamage":- int, heat damage delt
  • "AccuracyModifier":- int, accuracy mod to hit with this weapon.
  • "CriticalChanceMultiplier":- int, critical chance multiplier for this weapon
  • "AOECapable":- bool, is the weapon able to do Area of Effect damage?
  • "IndirectFireCapable":- bool, is the weapon able to do indirect fire.
  • "RefireModifier":- int, unknown all weapons currently 0
  • "ShotsWhenFired":- int, how many shots do we fire when fired. A lrm10 will do 10 while a Large Laser will do 1.
  • "ProjectilesPerShot":- int, how many projectiles do we show actually firing eg bullets PER SHOT, so on a LRM10 this should be 1.
  • "AttackRecoil":-int, how much recall does it produce (instability???)
  • "Instability":-int, how much instability does a hit from this weapon cause.
  • "ComponentType":- string, the component type this should always be "Weapon",
  • "ComponentSubType":-string, the component subtype this should always be "Weapon",
  • "WeaponEffectID":- string the weapon effect name for the weapon eg "WeaponEffect-Weapon_LRM5",
  • "PrefabIdentifier":-string the Prefab Ident for this weapon for when it's loaded onto a mech eg "lrm5" or "PPC"
  • "Description": - Object holding the following
    • "Id":- string, in game identifier for the weapon eg: "Weapon_LRM5",
    • "Name":- string, player friendly name for the weapon eg "LRM 5",
    • "Details":- string, details about the weapon eg: "Longfire V",
    • "Icon":- string, likely the icon it shows up as in the MechLab, unkown at this time. "",
    • "Cost":- int, the price in cbills
    • "Rarity":- int, weapon rarity, 0 is not rare
    • "Purchasable":-bool, can we purchase it on the market
  • "InventorySize":- int how big is it's invantory size (how many crit slots),
  • "Tonnage":- int, it's tonnage cost
  • "AllowedLocations":- string, (possibly an array?) locations it's allowed valid seems to be "All" at the current time.
  • "DisallowedLocations":- string (possibly an array?), locations it's not allowed currently valid appears to be: "None",
  • "CriticalComponent":- bool is this a critical component to the mech.

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