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The Boring Legal bit

We all hate it but sadly this part needs to exist if only to protect people from other silly people. So lets get started shall we?

The following is a legal notice between BTModdingWiki and any end user, by using this website you are agreeing to the following fully and with out modification unless the country/state you reside in does not allow an item listed below, should that happen however any other items listed that are not in conflict with the law of the country/state you are residing in continue to apply.


  1. Copyright: This wiki is an open source project and acknowledges that most of the data contained within its pages are from the Harebrained Schemes game 'Battletech', the data formats and information shown on this website is done so purely for non-profit information and we (Collectively all people who have worked on this wiki) acknowledge that this data is from that source. However we also believe that Harebrained Schemes has allowed this data to be stored on this wiki/publically due to the following reasons:
    1. During the kickstater they openly stated they would not prevent modding
    2. During development they have been asked if they had objections and have said no.
    3. They are aware that this wiki exists and it has been linked to by many on their own forums.
    4. Their own file formats are plain text.
    5. We do not copy the entire contents of the files onto the site and believe that what we do copy/display fulls into the US courts fair use territory.
  2. Battletech Modding Wiki/BTmoddingwiki and acknowledges that Battletech, BattleTech, associated trademarks etc are copyright and trademarks of various holders including but not limited to Harebrained Schemes, Catalyst Gaming Labs, etc we believe that our use of these fall within the standard community guide lines for the use of BattleTech products by the community as per the information that can be found at the official game's website: and also here
  3. You acknowledge that any information you add to this wiki is compliant with the Public Domain Creative Commons Licenses.


  1. By using this website/service you are to the fullest extent of the law freeing anyone who has worked on this wiki from any legal reprocussions that may arise from your use of this wiki.
  2. By using this website/service you acknowledge that you understand that you may not hold any person who has worked on this website/service responsible for:
    1. Any damage that may occur to your computer by using any tool downloaded.
    2. Any loss of game ability caused by your modding of files.
    3. Any loss of game ability caused by your downloading and installing of modded files.
    4. Any issues that may arise from following any information or tutorials given on this website
  3. In general YOU agree that WE are not legally responsible for any repercussions that may arise from your use of this website.
  4. That if you reuse/re-share information from this website you at least acknowledge that you have when doing so.

All in all we don't think there that hard. Generally it's you are using everything here by your own risk, we don't own any of the data and we operate under the Public Domain Creative Commons licenses.


BTmoddingwiki staff.

if you need to contact some one in regards to any of the above please use contactme at robgraham dot info with the subject line Battletech Modding Wiki.